Graduate Financial Support

All graduate students are encouraged to apply for financial support through various fellowship and scholarship opportunities. Fellowships vary in amount and are an important source of funding designed to help students meet their educational and living expenses. Graduate and Professional Studies often receives announcements for fellowships, both internal and extramural, so please visit often for new listings:

Due to the competitive nature of the fellowship application process, it is essential to plan ahead. Students should allow enough time to identify fellowship opportunities and prepare application materials. The application itself is an important component of academic and professional development. The process of articulating research will help students enhance their research and prepare their credentials for future endeavors.

UCI’s Graduate & Postdoctoral Resource Center (3100 Gateway Study Center) holds funding workshop series that include information on how to apply for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) and to other training grants. The GRC also offers writing consultants to assist with proofreading of papers and grants throughout the year.

The NIH requires its principal investigators to report the use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for NIH-supported graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.  See  Resources for the development of an IDP are available for both graduate students and postdoctoral researchers as noted below: