Student Employment

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

Students selected for GSR appointments in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering work closely with a faculty member in an ongoing research project in a lab overseen by that faculty member. Opportunities for a GSR appointment are plentiful as all of our faculty members require student assistants to further their research projects. The selection process is first completed by committees during the admissions process. Students are selected for appointments based upon their background, interests and technical expertise, and matched with the needs of the faculty.  In subsequent years, students must seek out these appointments on their own by contacting professors in their areas of interest.

The GSR appointments vary and employment is offered between 25-49 percent time, involving a time commitment of 10-20 hours a week. GSR students receive a monthly salary as well as the payment of fees and tuition as a benefit of employment. Students who are M.S. and Ph.D. candidates may be considered for the award. Preference may be given to Ph.D. students.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering relies heavily on the support of TA's for instruction. TA's support faculty in undergraduate courses. They may lead discussion sections, grade tests, papers, and homework, counsel, and tutor students enrolled in a particular section of a course. Students are selected for appointment based upon the academic preparation, instructional needs of the department and the faculty. Service as a TA requires a time commitment of 10 or 20 hours per week. Quarterly fees are covered as a benefit of employment. International non-English speaking students must take and pass one of the English Proficiency exams for a TA appointment. The selection process for teaching assistants is first completed in committees throughout the admissions process. In subsequent years, students must seek out these appointments on their own, by contacting departments through which they are interested in TAing.