Graduate Deadlines

IMPORTANT: Graduate Student Deadlines for 2023-24 Academic Year

Below is a list of deadlines for this academic year for your reference and planning. Please remember that these deadlines indicate when your paperwork needs to reach the Graduate Division, the Registrar, or the University Archives - not the date by which you need to hand in your paperwork to your department. It is highly encouraged that you submit your paperwork to your department in a timely manner to ensure that you meet the submission deadlines.

Important Policies Surrounding the Above Deadlines

There are policies surrounding many of the above deadlines and, as such, please be sure to consult Graduate and Professional Studies with any questions you have. However, please also be sure to pay close attention to the general guidelines below.


Most forms referenced above can be found at UCI Graduate Division Forms. If not available there, please email your Graduate Coordinator for the form link.

Absolute Fee Payment and Registration Deadline

Please note that any student who has not paid fees and enrolled in units by the end of the third week will have his/her student status lapse immediately. If your student status lapses, you will need to apply for readmission (with a readmission fee) in order to continue as a student in the School. Please note that readmission is not automatic and may be denied. Please pay close attention to the procedures listed on the Readmission Petition Form at UCI Graduate Division Forms.

Part-Time Study

If you wish to go part-time (Master’s students only), you must fill out the Part-time Petition (email your Graduate Coordinator for the form link). Part-time students may enroll in 1-8 units. Please note that although you may have indicated on your graduate admission application that you plan to enroll part-time, you will not be considered for part-time status unless this form is submitted and approved.

Summer Degree Conferral

Any student who wishes to graduate during the summer quarter must be an enrolled student. This means that in order to graduate, students MUST either request to be on Filing Fee status for summer OR must enroll in units during one of the summer sessions. Please see UCI Summer Session for summer enrollment information.