Shawn Xiang

Liangzhong (Shawn) Xiang

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Office: B134, Medical Sciences
Lab: D360, Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences, B-134
Irvine, CA 92697-5000

Xiang’s research focuses on biomedical imaging. In particular, his lab explores new ways to generate ultrasound for imaging.The TRUE lab (Theranostics with Radiation-induced Ultrasound Emission lab) has invented or discovered X-ray-induced acoustic computed tomography (XACT), fast proton-induced acoustic imaging (PAI), and electroacoustic tomography (EAT). Broad applications include image-guided cancer treatment, bone density measurement, and brain imaging and modulation.

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, South China Normal University
Postdoc Fellowship, Medical Physics, Stanford

Bioelectronics, bioimaging, biomedical computational technologies