Allen Stubberud

(949) 824-9483

Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697


B.S., University of Idaho, Electrical Engineering, 1956
M.S., University of California,Los Angeles, Electrical Engineering, 1958
Ph.D., University of California,Los Angeles, Electrical Engineering, 1962

Dr. Stubberud is interested in control systems, digital signal processing, estimation and optimization.

His primary research activities involve control theory, random processes and estimation theory, Kalman filtering, digital signal processing, system approximation theory, and neuro-control systems.

Dr. Stubberud has developed a synthesis technique for generating controllers for time-variable feedback systems. He also developed the first algebraic controllability criterion for linear time-variable systems. Dr. Stubberud discovered the singularity structure for linear finite-time terminal value control systems; developed approximation techniques for nonlinear sequential estimators; developed methods of identification and control algorithms using neural networks; and developed approximation theory for stochastic systems.

His work has been applied in the areas of aerospace navigation, guidance and control systems.