Floor Wardens

UC Irvine Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities

Floor Wardens
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Evacuation of floor occupants to designated assembly areas
Support Responsibilities:
  • Building Coordinator
  • Evacuation Control
  • Light Search as trained
  • Participate in building inspections as trained
Reports To:
  • Building Coordinator:
  • Phone Number:

Position Functions:

1. Based on the nature of the emergency, either evacuation or shelter in place may be warranted. If shelter in place is ordered, assist in implementing protocols. The following steps apply to evacuation procedures.

2. Supervise evacuation of floor occupants to designated assembly areas based on established evacuation procedures. Designate personnel to assist persons with disabilities and to assist injured persons. If injuries are severe, immediately dispatch a runner to notify the Building Coordinator. Check under all desks, in all restrooms and all closets on the floor for occupants. Check doorknobs and doors for heat prior to opening closed doors. If you feel heat, smell smoke, burning materials or chemical odors follow fire-reporting procedures and immediately notify the Building Coordinator. Note any hazardous conditions (structural damage, falling hazards, and hazardous spills). Place “Evacuated” door hanger on outside doorknob of evacuated rooms.

3. Report to the Building Coordinator at designated assembly areas. The primary assembly area will always be used unless the route or assembly area itself is unsafe. Evacuees will be directed to alternate assembly area if primary assembly area is not appropriate. Report the number and approximate location of occupants known to remain on the floor that require assistance. Note approximate whereabouts of individuals and special requirements whenever possible. Assist with additional evacuation activities as assigned by the Building Coordinator.

4. Report hazardous conditions to the Building Coordinator immediately. Note approximate location whenever possible. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO REENTER THE BUILDING IF HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS INCLUDING FIRE, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS OR STRUCTURAL HAZARDS ARE SUSPECTED.

5. Assist the Building Coordinator with a count of the number of building occupants at the assembly area.

6. Provide support to Inspection Teams, as assigned by the Building Coordinator.

7. Request release of duty from Building Coordinator.

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