Building Coordinator

UC Irvine Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities

Building Coordinators Primary Responsibilities:

  • Designate Floor Wardens
  • Building evacuation
  • Building status determination
  • As possible, account for building occupants
  • Building status report

Support Responsibilities:

  • Evacuation control
  • As appropriate, advise search and rescue efforts
  • Inspection Team

Reports To:

  • Zone Captain:
  • Phone Number:
  • Radio Number:

Position Functions:

1. Based on the nature of the emergency, either evacuation or shelter in place may be warranted. If shelter in place is ordered, assist in implementing protocols. The following steps apply to evacuation procedures.

2. Establish contact with Zone Captain at the Zone Command Post:

  • Primary Location:
  • Alternate Location:

3. Gather emergency equipment, Zone Handbook and supervise evacuation of building occupants to designated assembly areas. The primary assembly area will always be used unless the route or assembly area itself is unsafe. Evacuees will be directed to alternate assembly area if primary assembly area is not appropriate. Advise Zone Captain of assembly area being used.

4. While safely evacuating the structure, note the building's general condition for use in the Preliminary Building Status Report.

  • Partial or total collapse of structure
  • Building has shifted off its foundation
  • Building or story noticeably leaning

MINOR damage includes repairable damages, such as minor cracking, and non structural damage, such as fallen ceiling tiles, cracked plaster or broken windows.

5. Initiate and maintain an information log tracking all events (who, when, what, where). This may be assigned to someone else who can record information received, decisions made and actions taken.

6. Maintain contact with the Zone Captain. Assign a dedicated runner of messages. Ensure the safety of all evacuees at the assembly area. At the assembly area, initiate a head count with the assistance of the Floor Wardens. Determine the number of injuries and fatalities, if any. Receive the report from the Floor Wardens of the number and approximate location of occupants known to remain in the building that require assistance.

7. Receive reports of any hazardous conditions from the Floor Wardens. Note approximate location of hazard whenever possible. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO REENTER THE BUILDING IF ANY UNSAFE CONDITIONS SUCH AS FIRE, STRUCTURAL DAMAGE, OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS RELEASE IS SUSPECTED: Immediately notify the Zone Captain of hazardous conditions of the building. Ensure that the evacuees are safe from exposure to any hazardous conditions including contaminated air.

8. Prepare the Preliminary Building Status Report, and deliver a copy to the Zone Captain at the Zone Command Post. Continue to assess the situation and provide updates to Zone Captain as necessary.

9. Receive instructions from the Zone Captain regarding:

  • Field response
  • Medical treatment centers
  • Care and Shelter Facilities
  • Campus release directives/policies
  • Inspection Teams

10. Provide support to emergency responders as requested.

11. Following all-clear notification, communicate with Floor Wardens and assist with reopening of the building.

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