BME: Bridging the Disciplines, Mobilizing the Students, Empowering the Faculty

Abe Lee

Dear Friends of BME,    


“Inspiring Engineering Minds to Advance Human Health” is the newly coined mission statement for BME at UC Irvine (UCI). This brief statement will serve as a reminder of why we exist, what we do and the core principles that we value and by which we abide.  


The purpose: BME exists to advance the state of human health via engineering innovation and practices.  


The business: In short, BME conducts “engineering research” that “inspires.” Engineering uses scientific principles (disciplines) to design, build and resolve problems. So in order to attain our goal, we are empowering our faculty to inspire and mobilize our students to address health problems.


The values: We treasure the human being, in particular the human mind and human health. BME is where minds are nurtured, challenged and disciplined. BME is also where the health of the human is held as a core mission value that deserves our utmost priority. Advancing human health is not a theoretical practice; it requires bridging between disciplines (engineering and medicine) and bridging between communities (academic and industry).

The newly released U.S. News & World Report 2013 Graduate School Rankings gave BME a ranking of 27th (tied with Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon University), up from 31st last year. It is apparent that the “best kept secret” of BME here at UCI is becoming well known. I invite you to read a few samples of recent accomplishments achieved by our students and faculty. Our team is becoming stronger - I am excited to introduce to you two new outstanding junior faculty members joining the BME family (Assistant Professor Jered B. Haun, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor Anna Grosberg, Ph.D.). Furthermore, we have added three more companies to our strong and supportive corporate advisory board (St. Jude Medical, Inc.; Newport Corporation; and Beckman Coulter, Inc.).

The future of BME is bright, and we welcome you to check us out now that the secret is out!


Best Regards,

Abraham P. Lee, Ph.D.

William J. Link Professor and Chair, BME

Director, Micro/Nano Fluidics Fundamentals Focus (MF3) Center
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