AghaKouchak and Sanders honored as EWRI fellows

Brett Sanders and Amir AghaKouchak named EWRI fellows.

May 23, 2023 - UCI Civil and Environmental Engineering Professors Amir AghaKouchak and Brett Sanders have been recognized as leaders in their field by being named 2023 Class of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Environmental Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Fellows.

“I feel extremely honored to be recognized by ASCE's Environmental and Water Resources Institute and indebted to my students and collaborators who have worked closely with me over the years,” said Sanders.

Sanders’ research focuses primarily on flooding hazards in coastal and urban areas and the erosion of Californian beaches. He specializes in the development of innovative algorithms for flow and transport in river and coastal systems and the integration of information technologies to create more precise and efficient simulation tools.

AghaKouchak‘s research crosses the boundaries between hydrology, climatology, statistics and remote sensing to address critical global water resource issues. His research focuses on natural hazards and climate extremes including compound and cascading hazards and their societal impacts.

The award ceremony was held May 22 in Las Vegas during the 2023 ASCE EWRI Congress.

– Natalie Tso