Elmalaki Awarded NSF CRII Grant for Research on Personalized and Fair Computing

June 17, 2021Salma Elmalaki, UC Irvine electrical engineering and computer science assistant professor of teaching, has been awarded the National Science Foundation Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) grant. Considered an early career award, NSF CRII grants honor new professors with the goal of initiating and encouraging independent research. Elmalaki’s research titled “Society-in-the-Loop Personalized Computing” includes $175,000 for two years, beginning June 15, 2021.

“As an early career academician, this award provides validation to my research ideas and the required support for my Ph.D. students,” said Elmalaki.

Elmalaki's research focuses on enabling fairness-aware, privacy-preserving, society-in-the-loop, personalized internet of things (IoT) systems by providing frameworks, tools and methodologies that understand their fundamental properties and guide their systematic design.

“This research will have a far-reaching impact, as it will evolve the IoT systems from a one-size-fits-all approach to a personalized process in which learning and adaptation agents are tailored toward humans' individual needs,” she explained. 

“This macroscopic view of the design of personalized systems to enhance societal-level fairness without compromising the individual-level privacy will contribute toward understanding and building such human-technology relationships, considered to be one of the NSF's 10 big ideas.”

NSF CISE’s mission is to enable the U.S. to uphold its leadership in computing, communications, information science and engineering; promote understanding of the principles and uses of advanced computing, communications and information systems in service to society; support advanced cyberinfrastructure that enables and accelerates discovery and innovation across all science and engineering disciplines; and contribute to universal, transparent and affordable participation in an information-based society.

– Tonya Becerra