Georgiou Selected as SIAM Fellow

Tryphon Georgiou is one of 28 scholars to be named a Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellow.

April 1, 2021 - The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has named Tryphon Georgiou, UC Irvine Distinguished Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, a SIAM Fellow in the class of 2021. Georgiou is one of 28 scholars being recognized this year for their exemplary research and outstanding contributions in applied mathematics. 

Georgiou’s research interests are in the areas of dynamical systems, time series analysis, control theory and mathematical physics. The citation on his election acknowledges “his foundational contributions to the theory of robust control and to spectral analysis of time series.”

"Control engineering represents an enabling technology in virtually every piece of apparatus in our technological world, from engines to smart phones and from robotics to space probes,” said Georgiou.  “Further, the core concepts of the discipline, feedback and regulation by purposive systems, proved of increasing importance in all sciences, including biology, social, environmental and so on.”

Georgiou’s work has helped quantify in precise mathematical sense the expected resilience of interacting dynamical systems, and to delineate the type of perturbations and disturbances for which functionality can be ensured and desired response guaranteed to persist. The theory and engineering that have emerged from his work and the work of others to address these types of questions is referred to as robust control.

"I am truly honored to be named a SIAM fellow and to join such a distinguished group of colleagues," said Georgiou.

SIAM is an international nonprofit organization that fosters the development of applied mathematics and computational science, which are essential in solving real-world problems. The overarching mission of the society and community is to enhance and explore the links between mathematics and the world of science and technology.

– Lori Brandt