Microscopy Society Awards Research Scholarship to Undergraduate

Jason Luong

Jan. 30, 2020  - Jason Luong has received a $2,000 undergraduate research scholarship from the Microscopy Society of America. The MSA provides scholarships to undergraduates who conduct research using microscopy and microanalysis techniques.

Luong, a second-year undergraduate majoring in materials science and engineering, is conducting research on elements important to successfully scaling clean energy technologies that will assist in combating climate change.

Specifically, Luong is looking at perovskite oxides, materials with a wide range of tunable functional properties that are applied broadly for energy storage and conversion applications. Working in the lab of Assistant Professor William Bowman, Luong plans to use earth-abundant and environmentally benign chemicals to synthesize advanced nanoscale materials and thin coatings for catalysis. To uncover the underlying science of making these materials, he needs to investigate them at the atomic level, which he will do by using transmission electron microscopy at the campus’s Irvine Materials Research Institute.

“I am extremely grateful for the scholarship provided by MSA, and I am honored to have been selected for this award,” said Luong. “I would like to thank my adviser, Professor Bowman, for giving me an opportunity to conduct my research and for all his support.”

– Lori Brandt

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