Graduate Students Earn Samueli Endowed Fellowships

Nov. 26, 2018 - Eleven Samueli School doctoral students have won 2018-19 Henry Samueli Endowed Fellowships. Two students in civil and environmental engineering, six in electrical engineering and computer science, one in materials science and engineering, and two in mechanical and aerospace engineering received the awards, which recognize academic achievement and potential for future success.

Henry Samueli, co-founder of Broadcom Corp. and the Samueli School’s namesake, funds the fellowships, which are open to master’s and doctoral students. The number of awards and the amounts vary each year.

The Samueli Endowed Fellowships are competitive, rather than need-based, helping the school to recruit and retain talented graduate students. The awards are based on students’ academic records and research accomplishments, and are open to all graduate majors, covering fees and stipends for the academic year.

This year’s winners are:

Benjamin Brown, electrical engineering - power electronics

Undergraduate degree: B.S. Boston University

Adviser: Keyue M. Smedley

Research interests: switched capacitor, PWM (pulse width modulation) and resonant dc-dc converters, and the theory behind the convergence of the three

Kazi Khurshidi Haque Dia, electrical engineering

Other degrees: B.Sc electrical and electronic engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology; M.Sc electrical and electronic engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Adviser: Keyue M. Smedley

Research interests: power electronics-based converter design

Emily Duong, materials science and engineering

Undergraduate degree: B.A. physics and chemistry, Occidental College

Adviser: Joseph Patterson (chemistry)

Research interests: nanocarriers as materials for drug delivery applications, optimizing drug loading efficiency and studying how the carriers interact with other molecules for targeted drug release 

Nabil Khalifa, mechanical and aerospace engineering - aerodynamics and fluid mechanics

Undergraduate degree: B.S. aerospace engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Adviser: Haithem Taha

Research interests: unsteady aerodynamics

Alejandro Lavernia, mechanical and aerospace engineering

B.S. mechanical engineering, Purdue University

Adviser: Jack Brouwer

Research interests: advanced energy systems and thermodynamics 

Weiyu Luo, electrical engineering and computer science - computer engineering

Undergraduate degree: B.S. mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

Adviser: Brian Demsky

Research interests: developing testing tools for C/C++ concurrent data structures and programs 

Antonios Mamalakis, civil and environmental engineering - hydrology and water resources

Undergraduate degree:  Diploma in civil engineering, University of Patras, Greece

Adviser: Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

Research Interests: enhanced physical understanding of large-scale climate variability and teleconnections, along with regional hydroclimatic impacts. Regional precipitation and temperature forecasting in a changing climate.

Robert Marosi, electrical engineering

Undergraduate degree: B.S. electrical engineering, Cal Poly Pomona

Adviser: Filippo Capolino

Research interests: vacuum electronics

Ali Morshedifard, civil and environmental engineering - structural engineering

Undergraduate degree: B.S. civil engineering, University of Tehran

Adviser: Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi

Research interests: modeling cementious materials, which contain concrete, one of the key materials utilized in construction; thermal analysis of novel functionalized cementitious materials for energy-efficient buildings; statistical mechanics of thermalized membranes

Ahmad Nahian, electrical engineering and computer science - computer engineering

Undergraduate degree: BSC, computer science and engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Adviser: Brian Demsky

Research interests: software engineering, compilation, parallel software, program understanding

Yutian Ren, electrical engineering

Undergraduate degree: B.S. electronic science & engineering, Southeast University, China

Adviser: G.P. Li

Research interests: sustainable and data-enabled manufacturing, data engineering, contextual sensor systems


-Anna Lynn Spitzer

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