Grad Students Chosen Samueli Endowed Fellows

Ten Samueli School doctoral students received the fellowship awards.Sept. 28, 2017 - Twelve Samueli School doctoral students have won 2017-18 Henry Samueli Endowed Fellowships. Three students in civil and environmental engineering, seven in electrical engineering and computer science, and two in chemical engineering and materials science, received the awards, which recognize academic achievement and potential for future success.

The Samueli Endowed Fellowships are competitive, rather than need-based, and open to all graduate majors within the engineering school. Based on students’ academic records and research accomplishments, the award covers fees and stipends.

This year’s winners are:

Susana Anacleto Lupianez, civil engineering

Adviser: Anne Lemnitzer

Research interests: structural engineering and seismic design of reinforced concrete structures

Felicia Chiang, civil engineering

Adviser: Amir AghaKouchak

Research interests: understanding the effects of anthropogenic climate change on hydrologic and climate variables

Emma Reid, civil engineering

Adviser: Kristen Davis

Research interests: physical processes driving environmental gradients on coral reef ecosystems

Tarek Mealy, electrical engineering

Adviser: Filippo Capolino

Research interests: electromagnetics, periodic structures, metamaterials, RF circuits and numerical methods

M Mahmudul Hasan Sajeeb, electrical engineering

Adviser: Kumar Wickramasinghe

Research interests: optical microscopy, nanophotonics, plasmonics, biotechnology

Abid Anjum Sifat, electrical engineering

Research Interests: nano-optics, plasmonics, nanophotonics, metamaterials, electromagnetism.

Syed Mohammad Ashab Uddin, electrical engineering

Adviser: Kumar Wickramasinghe.

Research interests: optical microscopy, nanophotonics, bio-imaging

Alireza Javani, electrical engineering

Adviser: Zhiying Wang

Research interests: communication systems, coding theory, and machine learning

Danielle Bever, chemical engineering and materials science

Research interests: molecular biotechnology for environmental sustainability applications

Evita Bakopoulou, networked systems

Adviser: Athina Markopoulou

Research interests: learning techniques for mobile data privacy

Jielin Guo, chemical engineering and materials science, MMT

Adviser: Frank Shi

Research interests: developing novel nanoscale non-conductive adhesive that can provide electrical connection between chips and substrates, including die-attach adhesive for semiconductor packaging systems

Jiaqi Wu, electrical engineering, MMT

Adviser: Chin Lee

Research interests:  materials and processing in IC electronic devices manufacturing and packaging, packaging materials for high-power electronics and photonics, materials characterization, electron microscopy

Henry Samueli, co-founder of Broadcom Corp. and the Samueli School’s namesake, funds the fellowships, which are open to master’s and doctoral students. The number of awards and the amounts vary each year.