Autonomous Driving Overview Published

Gaudiot, an expert in computer architectures, is an author on a new technical overview of autonomous driving systemsNov. 8, 2017 - A comprehensive overview of autonomous vehicles, written by Samueli School professor Jean-Luc Gaudiot and several collaborators, was published last month. Gaudiot, a UC Irvine professor of electrical engineering and computer science who specializes in computer architectures and parallel and distributed processing, is an author on “Creating Autonomous Vehicle Systems,” published by Morgan and Claypool.

Gaudiot’s former doctoral student, Shaoshan Liu, also contributed to the book. Liu’s company, PerceptIN, is developing and testing an autonomous vehicle navigation system.

The nine-chapter book, which its authors call the first autonomous driving technical overview, explores the vehicles’ major subsystems and delves into various technologies in development. Its target audience includes researchers and students, as well as vehicle users.