Researchers Win Best Paper Award

Jan. 19, 2017 - A paper written by a Samueli School research team has been awarded Best Paper honors from the Structural Materials Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society).

Tim Rupert, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and chemical engineering and materials science, and his former doctoral student Amir Khalajhedayati, who graduated last year, were recognized for their 2015 paper detailing the formation of grain boundary complexions and high-temperature stability in copper zirconium alloy nanocrystals. Khalajhedayati was the paper’s first author.

The Best Paper distinction recognizes the most notable work on structural materials published during the prior year in the TMS journal JOM.

Rupert’s work encompasses changing the chemistry of metallic alloys to create stronger, more versatile materials. By introducing different elements into the grain boundaries between nanocrystals, a material’s mechanical properties can be altered. “If we choose the right mixture of atoms, we can optimize the material’s properties of strength and ductility (ability to stretch and bend without breaking),” Rupert said.

The pair will be recognized at a luncheon Feb. 26 during the 146th TMS Annual Meeting in San Diego.

-- Anna Lynn Spitzer

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