Dabdub Elected AAAR Fellow

Nov 16, 2016 - Donald Dabdub, Samueli School professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been elected a Fellow of the American Association of Aerosol Research. He was inducted last month during the AAAR 35th annual conference in Portland, Ore.

Dabdub, who also is affiliated with UC Irvine’s Advanced Power and Energy Program, studies the impact of climate change on air quality. He develops new physics and chemistry for air quality models, designs new algorithms to describe air pollution dynamics and researches energy-related scenarios on urban airsheds.

AAAR is an international organization that promotes and communicates technical advances in the field of aerosol research, and includes professionals and students from academia, government and industry in the areas of pollution, industrial hygiene, atmospheric sciences, clean room technology and nuclear safety.

The Fellow designation honors significant contributions by individuals to the discipline of aerosol science and technology, as well as service to AAAR. It is highly selective; no more than 0.2 percent of total AAAR membership or two members yearly – whichever is greater – receive the recognition.

“This is a great honor,” Dabdub says of his election, adding that currently, there are only 30 Fellows worldwide. “It’s a great recognition of the work we are doing.”