Samueli School to Collaborate with China’s Dalian University of Technology

China’s Dalian University of Technology Dec. 4, 2015 - Officials from China’s Dalian University of Technology (DUT) spent two days at the Samueli School of Engineering in November meeting with UCI Provost Enrique Lavernia, Dean Gregory Washington and other campus administrators in an effort to establish a joint educational and research institute.

Dalian University is ranked 23rd in the People’s Republic of China and its school of engineering, founded in 1949, is ranked 6th in the nation among engineering schools.

The two universities have been collaborating since 2013. Through UCInspire, third-year DUT students come to UCI for a 10-week summer research program. This year, a 3+2 program welcomed seven third-year DUT students, who are now completing their fourth year at UCI and applying to UCI's master's programs.

Last month, DUT’s vice president of international affairs and finance, Ning Guiling, sat down with Provost Lavernia and signed a Letter of Intent to develop a program of joint research and education efforts.

Lavernia welcomed the Chinese delegation to UCI. “It has been exciting to see the growth of important investments in education and infrastructure in China. We have many common interests with DUT,” said Lavernia. “On behalf of students, staff and faculty, we look forward to increasing our relations.”

“With this document, we can move forward in promoting this collaboration,” said Guiling. “Both schools will benefit from a joint program.”

According to John LaRue, professor and associate dean for undergraduate student affairs, the program would allow Samueli School faculty to teach courses at the joint institute in China, and UCI students could enroll and earn credits at the institute, as well as participate in internships. DUT students would be able to enroll in courses at the Samueli School and earn credit toward their DUT engineering degree.

“This partnership would create a clear pipeline of quality graduate students into our program,” explained Washington. “It also helps us in our aspiration to become a premier global institution. Our students need to learn different languages and go to different countries to be able to engage in a global society and solve the problems of the future.”

- Lori Brandt

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