Engineering the Leaders of the Future

Meet the 2011-2012 Engineering Student Council Executive Committee

The Engineering Student Council (ESC) is a talented group of student leaders in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering who represent and advocate for the undergraduate engineering student body.  ESC coordinates the annual campus celebration of National Engineers Week (E-Week), the EngiTECH Career Fair with local industry, manages the Discover Research and Industry programs, organizes Engineers Mentoring the Future program, organizes student events such as "E-Prom," and schedules student-faculty coffee breaks to promote open dialogue in an informal atmosphere.

ESC students work tirelessly to improve the undergraduate experience for Samueli School engineering students while keeping up with their challenging classes, vigorous study schedules and community involvement. 

ESC’s mission is to provide leadership opportunities, assistance and support for engineering student organizations, promote extracurricular communication among students, faculty, alumni and industry, and foster the continual improvement of engineering education and professionalism within the Samueli School and the University. 

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Get to know ESC’s 2011-2012 Executive Committee:

Sean T. Burke, President

Hometown: Livermore, Calif.

Year in School: Senior

Major(s): Electrical Engineering and Business Information Management

Area(s) of Interest: Computer Science, Business


Why Engineering?:“I chose Electrical Engineering because I have always had an interest in electronics ever since I was in elementary school. Building circuits that could count numbers amazed me, and I wanted to know exactly how inanimate objects could count just like humans. However, as I grew older, I found that although I do like electronics, I am much more intrigued with computer programming. I often spend many hours a week coding just for fun. Throughout the year, I am always working on a side project, whether it be coding websites, creating games or simply writing scripts to challenge my friends.”

Fun Fact: “I have visited every habitable island in Hawaii.”


Ryan R. Garcia, Vice President of External Affairs

Hometown: Morro Bay, Calif.

Year in School: Senior

Major(s): Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Area(s) of Interests: Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Architecture


Why Engineering?: “I chose engineering because it requires a combination of mathematical and analytical skills coupled with a unique sense of creativity to solve problems defined by real world applications.  In engineering there is rarely, if ever, a situation or problem that has only one solution or approach, which forces you as an engineer to employ the skills and knowledge that you have in order to identify a working end result.  It amazes me how a field in which the problems are defined by such concrete physical laws can invoke such abstract ways of thinking when trying to produce acceptable solutions.”


Fun Fact: “I am in love with cooking and in a different life; I would've tried to become a professional chef.”


Anjani G. Hagan, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif.

Year in School: Senior

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering: Premed

Area(s) of Interest: Medical Imaging and Biomechanics


Why Engineering?:“Biomedical engineering plays an integral part in the advancement of healthcare with respect to patient diagnosing, care and treatment. As an aspiring physician, having a background in biomedical engineering will give me a technical foundation, which will provide me with a more encompassed understanding of medicine. For me, it is important to be able to understand the mechanisms behind the equipment and technology used in medicine, because I believe that it will make me a better physician in the future. In addition, I believe the skills one learns as an engineer, critical thinking, collaborative working and problem solving, are invaluable and can be universally applicable.”


Fun Fact: “I love to travel and experience different cultures.”


Christina E. Amato, Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif.

Year in School: Senior

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Materials Science Engineering

Area(s) of Interest: Biomaterials, Implants


Why Engineering?:“Engineering runs in the family, but I truly enjoy challenges and trying to solve them in order to improve lives. I want people to live longer and live higher quality lives with the devices I will help create.”


Fun Fact: “I am an annual passholder at Disneyland and visit almost every weekend.”



Danielle E. Hernandez, Vice President of Communications

Hometown: Alta Loma, Calif.

Year in School: Senior

Major(s): Mechanical Engineering

Area(s) of Interest: Control systems, Robotics and Environmental Engineering

Why Engineering?: “I have always been interested in and have done well in math. Therefore, it is no wonder I wanted to study something that would allow me to apply mathematics in my work. After going into the major for this simple reason, I realized that engineering has a lot more to offer than just continuous math classes. Engineering provides me with a way to be creative and apply the skills I am learning into designing and analyzing systems that our society uses daily. Engineers have the ability to truly change the way people interact with the world around them and this is an amazing thing. I hope to utilize this capability by making common mechanical systems more environmentally friendly by expanding the use of robotics in everyday life. Engineering, for me, is the perfect balance of challenges and enjoyment; I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Fun Fact: “I am a huge Harry Potter fanatic!”