Remembering Marion Kirschner Murphy

Honoring the school's first engineering staff member

Marion Kirschner Murphy, the first staff member to join the School of Engineering, passed away on Oct. 11, 2006 at the age of 95.

Kirschner Murphy was hired in 1964 before the UC Irvine campus was officially opened, and spent more than a decade with the School as both an executive administrative assistant to Engineering’s first dean, Robert Saunders, and as a student counselor and advisor.  Many times, she would accompany the associate dean to high schools and community colleges to recruit students and promote the new UC Irvine School of Engineering.

After retiring in the mid-1970s, Kirschner Murphy enjoyed traveling, as well as volunteering at HoagHospital and ShermanGardens in OrangeCounty. She also worked as an Ombudsman for long-term care patients for the California Department of Aging.

As per her request, there will not be a formal memorial service; instead her ashes will be scattered at sea.

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