Professor Kim Receives IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award

Kim recognized for advancing real-time distributed computing

Kane Kim, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics, has been awarded the 2005 Tsutomu Kanai Award from the IEEE Computer Society. Kim was recognized for his "fundamental and pioneering contributions to the scientific foundation of both real-time object-structuring based distributed computing and real-time fault-tolerant distributed computing."

The Tsutomu Kanai Award was created to recognize major contributions for state-of-the-art distributed computing systems and their applications. The award consists of a certificate, crystal memento and $10,000 honorarium. In addition, Professor Kim will receive a travel grant to attend two technical conferences.

Professor Kim's primary research involves solidifying new-generation programming methods and tools which enable significant manpower reduction and product quality improvement in developing timing-critical distributed computing application systems. Applications include embedded and mobile computing device networks, transportation automation, defense command control, and advanced multimedia processing applications such as multi-party videoconferencing and network-based timing-sensitive virtual reality.

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