Professor Atluri Publishes "The Meshless Method (MLPG) For Domain & BIE Discretizations"

Professor Satya Atluri has recently released "The Meshless Method (MLPG) for Domain & BIE Discretizations," a comprehensive monograph on meshless methods from Tech Science Press. This is the first monograph on the meshless methods, for both domain and boundary-integral equation solutions for partial differential equations. These methods are expected to replace the mesh-based finite-element & boundary-element methods that are the basis of the current computational-software. This monograph presents, in a very self-contained fashion, the details of the methodology as well as numerical implementation of meshless methods.

This monograph is intended for engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians, interested in developing methodologies that overcome the draw-backs of the current mesh-based finite-element and boundary-element methods.

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