Henry Samueli Honored for his Induction into National Academy of Engineering

Dean Nicolaos G. Alexopoulos and Chancellor Ralph J. Cicerone hosted a gathering of distinguished academics and industry supporters on Tuesday, October 7, 2003 to honor Henry Samueli for his induction into the elite National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

Dean Alexopoulos began the event by describing Samueli's distinguished career and many achievements. He concluded by announcing that the Chancellor had named Samueli a Distinguished Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Chancellor Cicerone next addressed the crowd, thanking Henry and Susan Samueli for their leadership and generosity to the campus. After champagne was passed to attendees, the Chancellor led a toast to Samueli.

Samueli, who was joined at the podium by Susan, thanked the Chancellor and the many distinguished academics in the audience. He also recognized Dean Alexopoulos for advocating his election into the NAE. As Samueli stood under the arch bearing his name, he noted that he expects "a return on his investment" in the engineering school. He concluded by thanking the Chancellor for naming him a Distinguished Adjunct Professor, and by thanking Susan for her continual support.

The afternoon event drew several academic luminaries, including Jack Peltason, former president of the UC system and former chancellor of UC Irvine. Also in attendance was the Henry Samueli-von Karman Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering, Satya Atluri; the Henry Samueli "Turing" Endowed Chair in Computer Systems Design, Daniel Gajski; and several students who received funding through Samueli fellowships and scholarships.

Attendees also included members of the Engineering Advisory Board and UCI Chief Executive Roundtable, such as James Spoto, CEO of Applied Wave Research, Bruce Hallett, managing partner of Miramar Ventures, and Roy Langton, vice president of engineering at Parker Aerospace.

A Toast
Dean Alexopoulos, Henry Samueli and Susan Samueli toast his induction into the National Academy of Engineering.
  Group Picture
(L to R) Henry Samueli, Satya Atluri, the Henry Samueli-von Karman Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering, Chancellor Ralph J. Cicerone, Dean Nicolaos G. Alexopoulos, and Dan Gajski, the Henry Samueli "Turing" Endowed Chair in Computer Systems Design
  Hope Seligson
(L to R) Hope Seligson, recipient of a Samueli fellowship, and Henry Samueli
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