CBE Seminar (Zoom): Start to Exit - From Science Lab to Spin-off to Trade Sale

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Adrian Burden, Ph.D.

Technical Director | Key IQ Ltd.
BlockMark Technologies
Wyche Innovation Centre, Malvern, UK

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Abstract: Commercializing scientific research can be both exciting and daunting. Taking a new discovery or technological development successfully from the laboratory to the marketplace requires a range of skills and a clear strategy around intellectual property, funding, marketing and sales. Growing the venture into a sustainable, profitable business can be challenging, requiring agile management and a flexible but well thought-out business plan. This talk will consider some of the key ingredients to spinning-off, growing and potentially exiting a business, explaining the different stages of proof-of-concept, prototyping and scaling up, using a case-study to illustrate the points and highlight issues along the way. This presentation should benefit anyone interested in spinning off, licensing or otherwise commercializing their scientific research, and wishing to know more about the process, the trials and the tribulations such an ambition brings.

Bio: Adrian Burden is a serial tech entrepreneur with a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and a D.Phil. in electron microscopy from the University of Oxford. He has worked in both academia and industry and was the founding CEO of Singular ID, the first spin-off company from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore. Burden was until recently a Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Birmingham, UK, is the founding CTO of a blockchain startup called BlockMark Technologies, and the founder and curator of the annual Malvern Festival of Innovation. He is author of the book "Start to Exit: How to maximize the value in your start-up," and the chair of the Industrial Advisory Board at the School of Physics, University of Bristol, UK.

Host: Professor Albert Yee