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We recognize that we cannot use a "one size fits all" approach to student programming. CODE targets workshops and activities to the specific academic level of the student.

Examples of these workshops are:

  • Up Close and Personal - Faculty/Freshman Luncheon Series Each month we invite a faculty member to have lunch with a group of freshman engineering students. The goal is to provide an opportunity to meet with the faculty in an informal and more personal way. We want to have both sides walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the other.
  • Career Choices for Sophomores This series is designed to provide sophomores with clearer insight into the options that are before them. Speakers for this program include representatives from campus research organizations and industry. We want students to know what they need to do to position them for future success.
  • Life after UCI This workshop is designed to prepare juniors and seniors for their future. The intent is to fill them in on the bureaucratic side of graduating in engineering as well as insures that the resume is updated, the interviewing skills are appropriate, and there is a plan for after graduation.