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In addition to the continuous funding options on the Graduate Financial Support page, the Graduate Student Affairs Office often receives announcements for other University or outside fellowship opportunities. Please refer back to this website often, as new fellowships will be listed regularly.

Other Resources

The Graduate Resource Center (located on the 3rd floor of the Gateway Study Center) holds funding workshop series that include information on how to apply for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) and to other training grants. The GRC also offers writing consultants to assist with proofreading of papers and grants throughout the year.

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    • DAAD Study Scholarships & Long-Term Research Grants - October 6, 2017

Within UCI

Public Impact Fellowship Competition 

Public Impact Fellowships highlight and support doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Ideal candidates will be involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities.

Award Amount
$12,000 (full award) or $1,000 (honorable mention award) to be used as a stipend. All schools are eligible to nominate students to compete for a total of fourteen fellowships. Each of the four full awardees will receive $12,000. Each of the ten honorable mention awardees will receive $1,000. Students may choose to accept the award during Winter or Spring 2018, or over both quarters, at their discretion. Please note that Public Impact Fellowships are intended to supplement, not replace, any funding that students may already be receiving.

Eligibility Criteria
Nominees must meet the following criteria:
1. Maintain UCI GPA of 3.7 or higher through Spring Quarter 2017.
2. Be a current, full-time doctoral student who has advanced to candidacy.
3. Conduct research that has critical public impact. (Examples of relevant research include studies that aim to improve economic opportunity and well-being, health care, social justice, political participation, cultural engagement, and scientific or technical solutions to pressing social issues.)
4. Be willing to have research spotlighted/featured on both the Graduate Division’s and UCI’s website, brochures and social networks, and be able and available to effectively communicate and discuss their research in lay terms with prospective donors, legislators and/or their staff, and the media during Winter and Spring quarters.
5. If selected as a finalist, students must be available to give a brief in-person presentation to the selection committee, with no visual aids, immediately followed by a brief interview. These presentations and interviews will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Instructions for Students:
1. Complete the Student Information Form and save it as a Microsoft Word document (please save as "IMPACT APP - SID#.doc", e.g. "IMPACT APP - 12345678.doc")
2. Please email the following materials to your department/program’s graduate affairs staff member by end of day October 10, 2017: 

  • Completed Student Information Form saved as a Microsoft Word document using the naming convention described above
  • PDF of the completed Student Information Form with your signature.
  • Your current CV
  • Letter of recommendation from your primary faculty advisor/PI

Outside UCI

DAAD Study Scholarships & Long-Term Research Grants

The internal deadline for both competitions is 12 noon, October 6, 2017.  Please visit the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) website for complete information, including application and eligibility details: DAAD Study Scholarships or DAAD Long-Term Research Grants

Study Scholarships are available to those who have received an undergraduate degree of all disciplines for study at a  German university as part of a postgraduate degree program completed in the home country.  Long-Term Research Grants are available to highly qualified candidates who have completed a Master’s degree or in exceptional cases a Bachelor’s degree at the latest by the time they begin their grant-supported research.  *Please Note: applicants for the Short-Term Research Grant and applicants in the artistic fields do not apply via the internal process and should follow application instructions at the DAAD website.

Applicants should ask their reference to:

  • Fill out the reference form available on the DAAD portal
  • Send the signed reference form via email to
  • Give them a hard-copy of the signed reference form in a sealed envelope

Applicants submit to Graduate Division:

  • One (1) set of paper copies or a PDF file of their application summary which is generated from the online application portal.  Applicants must first submit all required documents via the online portal in order to receive a PDF version of their application summary for submission for the pre-selection.
  • One (1) signed reference in a sealed envelope for the pre-selection.  Note that the campus advisor is permitted to open the reference and will mail it to DAAD.

By 12 noon, October 6, 2017, submit:

  • Your sealed reference letter to Gina Anzivino in Graduate Division, 120 Aldrich Hall.
  • Your paper copies or a PDF file of the application summary to Gina Anzivino in Graduate Division, 120 Aldrich Hall or via email to


Questions?  Please contact Gina at or 949-824-8120.