Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee shall be the body of the faculty that gives expression to its graduate educational philosophy and provides broad guidance for the formulation of its academic plans, for the establishment of its curricula, and for other educational activities. The committee shall concern itself with the general and educational concepts that permit the crossing of boundaries within the university's educational programs.


The Graduate Studies Committee shall consist of the graduate Advisor for each academic graduate degree program selected by the faculty associated with that department or program, one graduate student selected by the graduate student body of the Samueli School, and the dean or the deans designated representative, ex officio. The faculty members of the committee shall serve for three years each. The student member of the committee shall serve for a one-year term.

Current Members

Filippo Capolino (Chair)
EECS Graduate Advisor

Zoran Nenadic
BME Graduate Advisor

Ali Mohraz
CBE Graduate Advisor

Farzin Zareian
CE Graduate Advisor

Russ Detwiler
EnE Program Director

John LaRue
MSEM Program Director

Andrei Shkel
MAE Graduate Advisor

Chin Lee
MMT Program Director

Martha Mecartney
MSE Graduate Advisor

Ender Ayanoglu
NTWS Program Director

Jawad Fayaz
Student Representative

Contact Info

Jawad Fayaz

Jawad Fayaz

GSC 2018-19 Student Representative

Upcoming Office Hours:
May 28th 10-11am
in AIRB 1060