Henry Samueli Endowed Fellowship


Recipient Department Research Project Title Faculty Advisor
Will Black ChEMS Development of Novel Systems for Renewed Biofuels Production in Escherichia Coli Han Li
Blerim Cici NTWS Mobile Data Analysis for Smart City Applications Athina Markoupoulou
Mahsa Darvishzadeh Varcheie EECS Optical Nanoantennas for Sensors, Microscopy, and Spectroscopy Filippo Capolino
Mohammed El Neanaei Fouda EECS Resistive Crossbar Arrays in Neuromorphic and Memory Applications Ahmed Eltawil
Sina Faezi EECS Data-Driven Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems Mohammed Al Faruque
Shao-Wei Fu MMT Solid-state Reaction of Silver and Aluminum and Its Applications to Electronic Packaging Chin Lee
Xing Hao EECS Image Recognition with Dynamic Deep Neural Networks Phillip Sheu
Hamidreza Kazemi Varnamkhasti EECS Breaking Physical Bound on Absorption Using Time Variant Systems Filippo Capolino
Mao-Cheng Lee EECS Low Power Transceiver Design for Brain-computer-interface Applications Payam Heydari
Kasra Moazzemi EECS Heterogeneous Architectures and Memories: Exploration of Heterogeneity in Emerging Architectures Nikil Dutt
Hamid Nejatollahi EECS Programmable Architecture for Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithms Nikil Dutt
Shah Mohammed Rahman EECS Real-Time Optical Tweezing Ozdal Boyraz
Mohsen Rajaei EECS Photo-induced Force Microscopy at Mid-IR Chirality at Nanoscale Kumar Wickramasinghe
Athma Madapusi Ram EECS TBD TBD
Balint Tillman NTWS TBD Athina Markoupoulou
Ecehan Uludag EECS Constant-Envelope OFDM and Constant-Envelope SC-FDMA Ender Ayanoglu
Huan Wang EECS Integrated Circuits and Systems for High-Speed Wireless Communications Payam Heydari
Jiaqi Wu MMT Growth and Characterization of Silver Solid Solution Phase with Zinc Chin Lee


Recipient Department Research Project Title Faculty Advisor
Hazma Atcha BME Regulation of Macrophage Form and Function by Cyclic Mechanical Stretch Wendy Liu
Matthew Brand CEE Co-development of Modeling Tools to Manage Sediment for Sustainable and Resilient Coastal Lowland Habitat in Southern California Brett Sanders
Derosh George MAE Development of Patterned of Micro/nanoparticle for Biomedical Applications Marc Madou
Trevor Jones CEE Mineral Precipitation in Fractures: The Role of Local Heterogeneity on Fracture-scale Reactive Transport Processes Russ Detwiler
Hamidreza Kazemi Varnamkhasti EECS Breaking Physical Bound on Absorption Using Time Variant Systems Filippo Capolino
Lohrasb Keykhosropour CEE Experimental and Numerical Studies of Seismic Soil Pressures on Non-rigid Subsurface Structures Anne Lemnitzer
Alexandre Martinez CEE Water-Energy-Food Nexus Amir AghaKouchak
Ricardo Medina CEE Experimental Investigation of Multi-component Proppant Suspensions Flowing and Settling Inside Transparent Fractures Russ Detwiler
Navid Rezazadeh MAE Privacy Preservation in Networked Systems Solmaz Kia
Colin Sledge MAE TBD Haithem Taha
Fuqiang Wan EECS mm-Wave Integrated Circuits Design Payam Heydari
Yingjie Yang ChEMS Flash Sintering of Multiphase Ceramics Martha Mecartney
Jingyi Zeng MAE Aerodynamic Optimization of Blade Design for Multiple Stage Compressors Feng Liu