Engineering Ambassadors

Engineering Ambassadors are a group of student volunteers who share a passion for engineering at UC Irvine. They assist the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office with various recruitment efforts by offering the unique perspective of a student in The Samueli School of Engineering. Ambassadors are able to assist prospective students and their families with questions they may have about the engineering program, engineering student organizations, research and internship opportunities and campus life.

Engineering Ambassador - Vivian Tseng

Vivian Tseng

Major: Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma

Fun Fact: My favorite food is mint chocolate chip ice cream and I’m terrified of birds.

Engineering Ambassador - Kevin Park

Kevin Park

Major: Aerospace Engineering

UCI Involvement: HyperXite, Design Build Fly, Mooney Aircraft International Co-Op

Fun Fact: I love practicing photography, drone cinematography and the drums.

Message: I love UC Irvine Engineering for all the opportunities it has given me whether it be free pizza in between lectures or actual internships in the aerospace industry.

Engineering Ambassador - Shazmaan Ali

Shazmaan Ali

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

UCI Involvement: Summer Bridge Program, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Women in Information and Computer Science.

Fun Fact: I speak/understand fish language, I talk to my pet fishes.

Why I Chose UCI: After my high school, I was confused about choosing between computer science and electronic devices. As a transfer, I found UCI amazing because it is one of the very few universities that offer CSE as a joint major between computer science and engineering. After transferring to UCI in Fall 16, I fell in with the campus, UCI offers variety of programs, so it’s easy to discover what you want to do for rest of your life. As of now, I enjoy building and programming bots and I’m happy to be here. Zot! Zot! Zot!

Engineering Ambassador - Mark Washicko

Mark Washicko

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Anteater Racing, Anteater Recreation Center Student Staff, ENGR 7A/7B (Freshmen Engineering Project Class).

Fun Fact: I like funky socks.

Engineering Ambassador - Sabeena Sebastian

Sabeena Sebastian

Major: Chemical Engineering

UCI Involvement: American Institute of Chemical Engineers- President, Engineers for a Sustainable World, American Nuclear Society.

Fun Fact: I love dancing but I’m bad at it.

Engineering Ambassador - Dong Hyeon Kim

Dong Hyeon Kim

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Engineering Student Council, UAV Forge, Peer Academic Advising.

Fun Fact: I am double jointed on both arms, so I can twist my arms 360 degrees.

Message: Take actions on your dreams and goals because nobody will do it for you. Capitalize on any opportunities that might further your interests, passion, and career in engineering. I hope that all of you will find the drive and determination to do well while you are here. Do not forget to make some kind, meaningful, and long-lasting friends so that you can struggle, endeavor, and succeed together. I was not excited about coming to UCI at first, but now I have grown to appreciate and love it here. I hope that all of you will too. Welcome to UC Irvine and good luck!

Engineering Ambassador - Jerry Chun Han Chen

Jerry Chun Han Chen

Major: BME: Pre-Med

UCI Involvement: Jodaiko Taiko Drumming, Engineering Student Council, Anteater Photography Club, Hughes Lab Angiogenesis and Vasculogenesis Research, UCI Extension Conversation Partner, UCI Summer Session High School Summer Scholar Program Mentor.

Fun Fact: Record for longest hours of sleep is 17 hours. Like to have deep conversations at 2am. Enjoy video editing and taking pictures. Like good scenic views. Love meat. Run on coffee.

Message: It’s great to have something you’re interested in, but don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out yet. I encourage you to try different things because that is how you find out what your passion is. Engineering is hard, but it’s rewarding. Take the road less traveled!

Why I chose UCI: After taking school location, expenses, and living environment into considerations, UCI offers a great engineering program. I was particularly interested in Biomedical Engineering Premed, allowing me to further explore my interest in math and problem solving while allowing me to pursue a medical career. I didn’t think too much when I was choosing a college, but I’m glad that I did. A million reasons made me fall in love with UCI, and I’m making the most of it by getting involved and appreciating everything that UCI has to offer.

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Junjie Huang

Major: Mechanical Engineering

UCI Involvement: Anteater Racing, UCI Human Powered Airplane, MatSci Club

Fun Fact: I have never injured myself to the point of having to go to a hospital.