Samueli School Ranks 21st among Public Engineering Graduate Programs in U.S. News and World Report Listing

The U.S. News & World Report ranked The Henry Samueli School of Engineering 21st among public engineering graduate programs (37th overall) in its annual listing of America’s best graduate schools. U.S. News ranks public and private graduate programs based on national reputation and the quality of students and faculty. The Samueli School was ranked 39th overall last year.

“I’m happy to see that we are moving in the right direction,” says Dean Gregory Washington. “The Samueli School will continue to expand our programs and grow our numbers of faculty and staff to provide the best research opportunities, an inspiring education, and innovative corporate partnerships for our graduate students.”

Each year, U.S. News surveys graduate programs in the areas of business, education, engineering, law and medicine. This year, it surveyed 199 engineering schools that grant doctoral degrees. The rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinion about program quality and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school's faculty, research and students. 

The Samueli School’s specialty areas are ranked among the top programs as well, including aerospace, 26th; biomedical, 33rd; chemical, 50th; civil, 40th; computer, 27th; electrical/electronic, 40th; environmental, 34th; materials, 31st; mechanical, 30th. Engineering specialty rankings are based solely on peer assessments by department heads in each specialty area. The peer assessment surveys for the specialty area rankings were conducted in fall 2012.

The 2014 U.S. News Best Graduate Schools Guidebook will be available in April.

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