Engineering Alumni Invited to Order of the Engineer Ceremony on May 21st

All engineering alumni and graduating seniors are invited to the 3rd annual Order of the Engineer Ceremony on Friday, May 21, 2004 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Phineas Banning Alumni House, UC Irvine.

The Order of the Engineer is unlike any other organization because there are neither meetings to attend, nor dues to pay. The primary purpose of the Order is to unite engineers under a common bond and to publicly recognize their commitment to serving the public.

The ceremony, first performed in Canada in 1925, publicly inducts engineer candidates into the Order of the Engineer. The first Engineer's Ring Ceremony in the United States was conducted in 1970. During the ceremony, candidates publicly accept the "Obligation of the Engineer," a formal statement outlining an engineer's responsibilities to the public and to the profession. Candidates also receive a stainless steel ring to be worn on the 5th finger of the working hand, symbolizing their pledge to uphold the standards, ethics, and dignity of the engineering profession. Although the organization is governed by "Links of the Order," a local board established by universities, engineering societies and government engineering organizations, the ceremony itself will be conducted by the Engineering Alumni Society at UC Irvine.

All licensed engineers and/or graduates from an ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission approved degree program (including graduating seniors) are welcome to participate in this memorable event, co-sponsored by the Engineering Alumni Society (EAS) and the Engineering Student Council (ESC).

On-line registration is open until Wednesday, May 5 at For more information, please contact EAS Activities Chair Cathy Mescher at or ESC Vice President-External Erica Chung at

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