Faculty & Staff Directory

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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Ken Walsh Ken Walsh Senior Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff Dean's Office 5216 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4838 ken.walsh@uci.edu
Mark Walter Mark Walter Lecturer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3227 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-3245 m.walter@uci.edu
Frederic Wan Frederic Wan Professor Mathematics Office: MSTB 267 (949) 824-5529 Office fwan@uci.edu
Szu-Wen Wang Szu-Wen Wang Professor Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Lab: 952 Engineering Tower
Office: 944E Engineering Tower
(949) 824-2383 Office
(949) 824-6214 Lab
Terry Wang Lecturer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4200 Engineering Gateway terry.wang@uci.edu
Yun Wang Associate Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4231 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-6004 Office yunw@uci.edu
Zhiying Wang Zhiying Wang Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4430 Engineering Hall (949) 824-0681 zhiying@uci.edu
Arianna Warner Arianna Warner Academic Counselor Student Affairs Undergraduate 314C Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-0723 a.warner@uci.edu
Gregory Washington Gregory Washington The Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering Dean's Office Dean's Office: 5200 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4333 gregory.washington@uci.edu
Steve Weinstock Steve Weinstock Laboratory Manager Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 944G Engineering Tower (949) 824-6250 steve.weinstock@uci.edu
Robin Weirich Robin Weirich Administrative Coordinator Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4218 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-4998 rweirich@uci.edu
Kumar Wickramasinghe H. Kumar Wickramasinghe Nicolaos G. and Sue Curtis Alexopoulos Presidential Chair Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (949) 824-2213 Chair's Office
(949) 824-3204 Lab 1
(949) 824 3937 Lab 2
Jennifer Wilkens Jennifer Wilkens Executive Assistant to Dean Gregory Washington, Director of Special Projects Dean's Office 5219 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4050 jwilkens@uci.edu
Robert Wilson Assistant Finance Analyst TEC Business Center 5200 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3923 rhwilson@uci.edu
Jeff Wojciechowski Assistant Director & Manager Advanced Power and Energy Program Office: ELF 221 (949) 824-7302 x11115 jsw@apep.uci.edu
Yoonjin Won Yoonjin Won Assistant Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4208 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-3414 won@uci.edu
Brian Wong Professor School of Medicine Office: BLDG 56 500 (714) 456-5753 Office bjwong@uci.edu
Lily Wu Lily Wu Director of Academic Innovation, Programs Dean's Office AirB 1084 (949) 824-4613 lwu@uci.edu