Regina Ragan

Regina Ragan

Associate Professor
Office: 744E Engineering Tower
Lab: 156 Engineering Tower
(949) 824-7385 Lab
(949) 824-6830 Office
(949) 824-2541

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2575


Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Applied Physics, 2002
M.S., California Institute of Technology, Applied Physics, 1998
B.S., University of California,Los Angeles, Material Science and Engineering, 1996

Dr. Ragan's research involves the exploration and development of novel material systems for nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic devices. One of the key issues in incorporating diverse materials in electronic and optoelectronic devices is to understand the material interfaces and how these affect electronic and/or optical properties. The effect of material interfaces is particularly important as we scale down to nanometer dimensions where the surface to volume ratio is high. Moreover, since the dimensions of devices will reach the dimensions of molecules, we strive to understand these interfaces at the atomic and molecular level.

Dr. Ragan's research group uses self-assembly to fabricate one-dimensional and zero-dimensional organic/inorganic nanostructure arrays. The correlation of material interfaces with electron transport along the lateral axis of nanowires and transport through a molecule/metal nanowire junction is being studied to understand how these components will behave in nanoscale devices.