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Director's Message

Robin Thank you for your interest in the Center for Opportunities & Diversity in Engineering at UCI, or CODE, as we prefer to call it.

As the Director of CODE, I often tell people that I have the best job on campus because I work with students, faculty and engineering industry representatives every day. This allows me to gauge the needs of all 3 sectors and then provide programming that will support their needs.

CODE is about community. Having worked with engineering students for most of my professional career, I know the importance of bringing students together in- and outside of the classroom. We encourage our students to meet for coffee or lunch so that they can continue to talk about things learned in class. We also provide funding for students who are interested in attending professional conferences where there are people who share their interests and who might have opportunities that would be of benefit. CODE attempts to build bridges between faculty and students. Because we believe in giving students an early introduction to faculty, we invite small clusters of freshmen to have an informal lunch with faculty through our Up Close and Personal Luncheon Series. We also identify faculty who are interested in developing undergraduate researchers.

CODE works closely with its industry partners. These partners identify opportunities within their respective companies, assist with Professional Development (resume writing/critiques, interviewing and networking skills) as well as identify desired skill sets and trends in the industry. Many of these organizations provide financial support to CODE for both programs and scholarships.

I truly believe in the notion that it takes a village to sustain the young person who would be an engineer and I believe that our village is very broad and supportive.

We hope to see you soon!

Robin Jeffers, Director