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Memberships & Subscriptions


To process you will need to provide your UCInet ID, Password and collect any supporting documentation. Supporting documents must be taped to 81/2 by 11 inch paper. (They will be copied onto microfiche once received by Accounting). Also collect full names (titles and affiliations to UC) of all attendees.

Step 1: Collect all original documentation

Step 2: Go to SNAP website at

Step 3: Login by entering UCInet ID and password

Step 4: Click on the Applications tab located at the top of the page

Step 5: In the section entitled Administrative Applications, select PayQuest.

Sept 6: Select the form (Membership-Subscription)

Step 7: Complete form (Red asterisks indicate mandatory information)


To properly process requests, the following individuals must provide approval signatures:

  • The unit's financial analyst must initial account and fund ;
  • Department Chair (or delegate) signature ;
  • Assistant Dean's signature ;
  • Exceptions to University policy require the Dean's signature .