Ashok Rao’s Book on Sustainable Energy Conversion is Hot off the Press

Ashok RaoMay 21, 2015 - Ashok Rao, chief scientist for power systems at UCI’s Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP), has written a book outlining a unified, comprehensive and fundamental approach to sustainable power plant development and design.

Published by Wiley, “Sustainable Energy Conversion for Electricity and Co-Products: Principles, Technologies, and Equipment” is directed toward mechanical, chemical and industrial engineers, chemists and material scientists, as well as electrical engineers involved in developing modern power plants.

Rao is a renowned national and international leader in the field of energy conversion who has made wide-ranging contributions in the field over the past 40 years, in industry as well as at UCI. “I tried to synthesize both theory and practice,” he says of the book.

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