EngiTech Career Fair Highlights E-Week 2015

Engineering students talk with recruiter at EngiTech career fairNearly 1,000 students turned out for E-Week 2015, hosted by the Engineering Student Council (ESC). This year’s theme was “Through the eyes of an engineer,” and all students who checked in received a free Samueli School T-shirt.

The annual celebration included the Dean’s Pancake Breakfast, a BBQ lunch, an Awards Banquet, 10 competitions, and High School Shadow Day, as well as a several new events. Monday featured a kickoff fair showcasing the engineering student organizations and the making of a Lip Dub to “Uptown Funk” (filmed by Ava Moussavi and choreographed by Maaikee Kiyoe Pronda, see video here). And at EngiTech prep night on Tuesday, students were offered workshops on developing resumes and career fair etiquette.

“We had immense support and participation from the students, faculty, and professionals,” says ESC President Swaril Mathur. “We’ve received great feedback from the students about our new events, and ESC's general members and cabinet officers exhibited incredible leadership skills throughout the week, which helped all of the events run smoothly.”

The highlight of the weeE-Week 2015k was the EngiTech career fair, according to Mathur. It was the largest event yet, with 47 companies, including six sponsors, participating.

“Students came out in the hundreds, and most companies had lines at their booths throughout the entire day,” said Mathur, a biomedical engineering major. “The recruiters had great things to say about UCI's engineering students. One representative told me the students he spoke to were very well prepared, had lots of hands-on experience, and asked intelligent/meaningful questions during their conversations with recruiters.”

Awards Banquet Honorees
BME:  Professor Jered Haun, Teaching Assistant Wesley Moy, Student Swaril Mathur

ChEMS:  Professor Elizabeth Read, Teaching Assistant Russell Clayton, Student Sarah Becan

CEE:  Professor Jasper Vrugt, Teaching Assistant Aryan Safaie, Student Bo Lundqvist

EECS:  Professor Nader Bagherzadeh, Teaching Assistant Mohamed Abdel Latif, Student Xuhui Wang

MAE:  Professor Donald Dabdub, Teaching Assistant Ali Hatamizadeh, Student Elizabeth Brooks

Egg dropCompetition First Place Winners:

Amazing Race:  Cameron Patel, Juan Meza, Emily Parker, Cynthia Tren, Ricardo Noguera

Duck Pong:  Kyle Kitani

Jenga:  Alejandra Hormaza

Rube Goldberg:  Alejandra Hormaza

Tower Games:  Daniel Siow, Cesar Carrillo

Egg Drop:  Shawn Howen, Christopher Rocha

Catapults:  Matthew Vasquez

Water Filtration:  Bryan Quibol

Paper Airplane:  Lam Vu

Faculty vs. Students softball game (canceled due to weather)



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