Top Five Projects from Winter Design Review Announced

The top five student team projects have been selected from the 2013 Samueli School of Engineering Winter Design Review. The teams (see list below) will present their projects at the first annual Ingenuity UCI Student Technology Showcase on May 7 ( The Ingenuity Showcase is a joint event with the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences.

The 2013 Winter Design Review was held in the student center and included projects from all five departments. There were 97 presentations on display and 44 corporate community members attended the design review to browse and talk to students. Most were senior projects, but a number were not, such as the Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, the AIAA Design-Build-Fly, and the Human Powered Airplane.

“The Winter Design Review is a critical experience for our students, local companies and UCI engineering as a whole,” says Mike McCarthy, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. “It provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and show local industry what they can do. It’s clear that in this difficult economy, our students are getting jobs through their senior projects.It’s also important for us to see what our students are actually capable of so that we can improve our programs.”

A special thank you to the Student Activities Committee for coordinating a successful Winter Design Review. The committee is comprised of Professor J. Michael McCarthy, Tanya Eberhard, Pauline Eatherly, Grace Chau, April Heath, Cristina Surpless, Jan Strudwick, Leyla Riley, Marilyn Huynh, Amanda Garcia-Hall.

The following five student teams will present their projects at the Ingenuity showcase. The top five student teams from the Bren School will also present their projects.

Biomedical Engineering

Developing a Portable, Low-Cost Malaria Diagnostic Platform

This project suggests using saliva instead of blood to diagnose malaria.

Students:Chase Davis, Priyanka Jain, Ryan Kwong, Katherine Lee, Eric Nguyen, and Reaz Rahman


Automated Microfluidic Immunoassay Platform for Developing Nations

This project proposes to develop a portable, low-cost device suitable for use in developing countries to target the diagnosis of HIV.

Students:Natasha Felsinger, Nigel Fernandez, Patrick Kahn, Huylong Ngo, Vladimir Satchouk


Smartphone Analyzer of Microfluidic Agglutination

This project is an optical detection component that can be integrated with a hand-held analyzer to provide straightforward readouts from disposable assay devices.

Students: Emma Gallarza, Jennifer Lee, Max Mao and Albert Truong


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


This project is an automated video-recording system that follows a subject as he or she moves around the room, eliminating the need for a cameraman.

Students:Jainam Shah, Tom Huang, Raisa Cuevas, and Nicholas Ma


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

UCI Race Car Engineering

This project uses the design, construction and testing of an energy-efficient race car to provide experience in performance engineering. Students modified an existing race car to develop a new design for competition in the 2013 UCI Energy Invitational.

Students:Christopher Anderson, Luis Avalos, Dean Baggs, Jeffrey Best, Indra Bolla,  Adam Capero, Henry Diep, Amy Dunford, Christina Faraci, Joshua Helstrom, Alex Ho, Alexander Kaufman, Justin Kaung, Chano Kim, Sharango Kundu, Eddie Kwan, Jason Lee, Alejandro Li, Damon Liang, Peter Livingston, Ryan Ma, Diona Maxon, Marvin Medina, Saedeh Mirghasemi, Andrew Moodi, McVincent Obando, Arezoo Orouji, Dhairya Parikh, Jesus Ramos, Mustafa Sabha, Mark Saleh, Jon Shubin, Anthony Tamayo, Aldrich To, Thomas Van, Benjamin Vega, Jay Wu, Rena Yang, Abdorruhman Yousef, Ting Yu, and Yaotian Zhang.

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