EECS Professor Receives “Giants of Science and Engineering” Medal of Honor

International Award Goes to EECS Research Professor Rui de Figueiredo

Rui J.P. de Figueiredo, Ph.D., electrical engineering and computer science and mathematics research professor, has been awarded the Golomb/Chilingar “Giants of Science and Engineering” Medal of Honor by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The prestigious international honor recognizes de Figueiredo’s sustained fundamental contributions and extraordinary international leadership in science and engineering.

In 2007, de Figueiredo was elected as a foreign member of the U.S. Branch of RANS and was awarded the George V. Chilingar Medal of Honor for his contributions to science and engineering. He was awarded the prestigious P. L. Kapitsa Gold Medal by RANS for his pioneering contributions to the mathematical foundations and applications of signal processing in 2009.

His contributions include the invention of generalized spline filters, and in particular, the Butterworth and Chebyshev generalized spline filters, for dynamical-source-model-based recovery of analog signals from linear observations; the generalization of the symmetric Fock space, the state space of non-self-interacting boson fields in quantum field theory, to a reproducing kernel Hilbert space F for the input-output maps of nonlinear dynamical systems.    

He has successfully applied this underlying technology to telecommunications, biomedical engineering and other machine intelligence applications.

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