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Meet the Engineering Student Council (ESC), a talented group of student leaders in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering who represent and advocate for the undergraduate engineering student body.  ESC not only has a strong presence in the Samueli School and on the UC Irvine campus, but also works diligently “behind the scenes,” coordinating the annual campus celebration of National Engineers Week (E-Week), the popular EngiTECH Career Fair with local industry, managing the Discover Research and Industry programs, holding fun student events such as "E-Prom," and even organizing student-faculty coffee breaks to promote open dialogue in a more informal atmosphere.

All while keeping up with their challenging classes, vigorous study schedules, and community involvement.  ESC students work tirelessly to improve the undergraduate experience for Samueli School engineering students.

ESC’s mission is to provide leadership opportunities, assistance, and support for engineering student organizations, promote extracurricular communication among students, faculty, alumni, and industry, and foster the continual improvement of engineering education and professionalism within the Samueli School and the University. 

Organizing and planning fun activities to promote student involvement and interaction is also a top priority for ESC.  In addition to managing annual E-Week events and established ESC programs such as Discover Research and Industry, they plan to introduce a new mentorship program this year, designed to help engineering freshmen and sophomores overcome the academic and social challenges common in their first and second years.

ESC has also been asked to host the 2009 Engineering Student Council Western Regional Conference (WRC) at UC Irvine, which encourages the exchange of ideas and “best practice” tips from engineering student councils across the western United States.  The conference is scheduled for Nov. 20 – 22, 2009, and will feature workshops dedicated to improving council operations and student leadership, presentations by different ESC groups, and guest speakers from industry.  For more information please visit the WRC Web site:

Want to get involved and learn more?  Get to know ESC’s 2009-10 Executive Committee:

Kyle Hosford
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Year in School:  Senior
Major: Computer Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
Area(s) of Interest: Avionics; Aeronautics; Astronautics
Email Address:

“Why I want to be an engineer.”
- I’m studying to become an engineer because developing useful devices, buildings, and machines is one of the most exciting ways for me to add value to society.  The engineering profession requires you to be a life-long learner, as techniques and applications are constantly evolving.  This consistent set of new challenges, the potential to improve the quality of life on Earth (or elsewhere), and the ability to be on the forefront of technology is what makes engineering so rewarding.

Fun fact - I enjoy playing card games, especially poker.

Brian Nguyen

Vice President, Internal Affairs
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Year in School: Senior
Major: Chemical Engineering; Material Science Minor
Area(s) of Interest: Treatment, Fate, and Transport of Pharmaceuticals in Water; Chemical Kinetics 
Email Address:

“Why I want to be an engineer.” -
I really enjoyed math and chemistry while I was in high school, which led to my decision to become a chemical engineer. As I progressed through college, I came to realize that I could really see myself continuing to learn, problem solve, and analyze as a part of my career. All of the information I have learned thus far through classes, professors, and research has really kept me interested in the chemical engineering field.  

Fun fact - Food is the key to my heart. You can never go wrong with good food. 

Clement Kondru
Vice President, External Affairs

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Year in School: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Area(s) of Interest: Medicine; Biophotonics
Email Address:

“Why I want to be an engineer.” - I have always had a deep fondness for the medical field; however, my internship with a biomedical engineering company and the exposure I’ve received in my biomedical engineering classes and research have taught me that the combination of engineering and biology greatly impacts the biomedical engineering field and the future of medicine. I really want to be a part of that.

Fun fact -
I have a huge passion for music, and have been playing guitar and singing in choirs since I was in elementary school.

Andrew Sidor
Vice President, Finance

Hometown:  Redlands, CA
Year in School:  Senior
Major:  Civil Engineering; Minor in Management
Area(s) of Interest:  Civil/Structural Engineering; Design; Consulting; Management; Entrepreneurship
Email Address:

“Why I want to be an engineer.” - I grew up around civil engineers (my dad, uncle, and grandpa). Now, I want to design and build my own projects to benefit society.

Fun fact - I love playing sports, mainly football and baseball.

Jessie Chen
Vice President, Communications

Hometown - Fullerton, CA
Year in School- Junior
Major - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Area(s) of Interest - Structural Engineering
Email Address -

“Why I want to be an engineer.” - I want to be an engineer because I believe that engineering is one of the fundamental ways to make a difference in the world.  We depend on structures - not only to house and protect us from the open world - but also to navigate through it.  As engineers we are able to come together to renew and create these structures for our future.

Fun fact - Although I'm studying engineering, I have a passion for the arts, as well.  There is something about reproducing and creating images and figures through photography, drawing, and painting that helps me make sense of reality.

For more information about ESC and upcoming events and activities, please visit:  If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee for “Engineers Mentoring the Future” (EMF) please send your name, major, and e-mail to

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