Samueli School Congratulates Service Award Recipients

Engineering staff members honored for continued service to UCI June 22, 2005 The Henry Samueli School of Engineering would like to congratulate and thank our long-term staff members for their hard work and commitment to the education mission of the campus and the School of Engineering.


(Top row, left to right)
James Nardulli (10 years), Vince McDonell (15 years), Leslie Noel (10 years), Cecilia Ruiz-Smith (15 years), Imelda Etemadieh (15 years), Dona Longacre (25 years).

(Bottom row, left to right)
Gwen Donaldson (20 years), Radmila Milosavljevic-Corin (10 years), Loretta Waltemeyer (20 years), Ronnie Gran (10 years), Iris Adam (10 years), Robert Cassidy (10 years).

(Not shown)
Kathy Britton (25 years), Laurel Bartenstein (25 years)


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