Engineering Graduate Wins Distinguished Alumnus Award

Eric C. Shen, graduated in '93 and '95, was named "Distinguished Alumnus" at the 2003 Lauds & Laurels Awards ceremony, an annual event hosted by the UCI Alumni Association to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the campus and community.

Eric earned both his undergraduate and master's degrees in civil engineering from UCI, and is a registered civil engineer in California. He currently lives in Arcadia with his wife Jeannie, who is also a graduate of the UCI civil engineering program. He has been the Transportation Planning & Development Manager for the Pasadena Department of Transportation and a lecturer for the UCLA Department of Civil Engineering for nearly four years. Eric is responsible for the development of Pasadena's Comprehensive General Plan Mobility (Circulation) Element. He oversees the preparation of various transportation plans, reviews traffic analyses and works closely with other departments to monitor development projects throughout the city, such as the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program and Bikeway Implementation program. The two Shen Anteaters are also proud to be part of the new Pasadena-Los Angeles Gold Line Light Rail Project.

"My opportunity to 'understand' transportation began during my junior year at UCI," he says. "Professor Ritchie's introductory and Professor McNally's transportation forecast courses unleashed my curiosity towards the theories and practice of what, how and why transport occurs. I've been very fortunate to have mentors who showed me the way and encouraged me to excel. I am also very grateful to have wonderful teachers and friends from UCI over the past many years."

Today, Eric continues to be active in the communities he serves and resides in. He also maintains close ties with the UCI transportation program and shares his experience with students and other professionals.

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