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Introduction to Safety

The purpose of The Henry Samueli School of Engineering (HSSOE) Safety page is to provide thorough information, procedures, and links that specifically relate to safety issues regarding the School. For example, this site includes HSSOE Emergency Preparedness, faculty and staff phone numbers, and safety resources. This page also introduces the UCI EH&S [] website where general health and safety related policies and procedures are maintained. Finally, this site provides an opportunity for all the departments and programs within HSSOE to access consistent health and safety information relevant to the School.

Safety is everyone's responsibility, and building a safer and healthier work environment is the School’s top priority. Following proper safety procedures begins with individuals, and ultimately affects each person in our community. We must all work together to ensure that school lab environments are safe and healthy, setting the example for other labs campus-wide.


Together we can work to recognize potential hazards and problems, and the EH&S commits to helping you evaluate safety situations. Remember, never work on a project or conduct a procedure without fully understanding how to go about it; always be willing to ask someone who is knowledgeable to watch you as you learn. Listen to their suggestions and change your methods if necessary.

Take a moment to browse through the HSSOE Safety home page and other safety related links to educate yourself with further information regarding safe work practices and conditions. We encourage you to take this information and evaluate your own work environment, reporting anything that needs improvement or does not seem right to you. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you need assistance in resolving a situation. Also, please feel free to indicate other topics or sites that you would like to see included on this page for the overall safety-related welfare of the School.