Edwin Peraza Hernandez

Edwin Peraza Hernandez

Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697


Hernandez obtained his Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2016 and 2012, respectively. His research integrates structural mechanics, design optimization, active materials, and principles of origami and tensegrity. He is the author of one book and multiple technical publications in the areas of origami-inspired engineering, shape memory alloy-based aerospace structures, and lightweight tensegrity systems and materials. The overarching goal of Hernandez's research is the development of structures with optimal properties such as minimal mass, minimal energy usage, and tailorable thermal expansion and stiffness.

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2016
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2012

Morphing structures, deployable structures, origami, tensegrity, active materials, structural optimization