Engineering Phase 2 Research Restart

UCI’s Phase 2 research activities consist of Phase 1 “critical” (or “essential”) research plus research activities that may pose lower risk for virus transmission ("Guiding Principles contained in the Vice Chancellor’s May 11 message"). All Phase 2 Research activities require approval and will consist of no more than 30% of pre-pandemic levels at any given time.

SSOE Phase 2 Approval Process for Engineering PIs and Center Directors – June 8, 2020

Faculty PIs and SSOE Center Directors who plan to have personnel, including themselves, come to campus to do research in a laboratory or office setting or do allowable off-campus research must have Phase 2 approval from SSOE, following the 2-step process below. This approval is an agreement between the PI and SSOE Authorizing Official, Associate Dean Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, and it is the responsibility of the PI to ensure the safety and following of protocols by all personnel doing research under their supervision.

  1. As “Plan Owners,” the PI/Center Director must complete the SSOE’s Phase 2 Research Safety Plan Form agreeing to UCI and SSOE protocols with opportunities to request exceptions. Updates to personnel and research locations can be done after approval, via an email to
  2. Plan Owners must complete, check all “required” boxes, and sign the SSOE Phase 2 Authorization Form. Please email to for approval routing. This form must match what was submitted in the SSOE’s Phase 2 Research Safety Plan Form.

SSOE Protocols and Phase 2 Updates:

UCI Phase 2 Additional Requirements:

  • Training for employees: All on-site employees are required to view a training video entitled “Returning to Campus,” which explains what COVID-19 is, how it is transmitted, the steps we’re taking to reduce potential exposures, and what you can do to protect yourself and others. The video is available through the UC Learning Center and can be searched by title using the Find a Course function. PIs need to receive attestation of completion from each person in their lab prior to them coming to campus. Contact Christian Ritter ( if you need to look anyone up in the UCLC transcripts.
  • Working Well Daily Health Check-in: As part of Phase 2’s Personnel Hygiene & Self Screening process (4c.2) Campus HR has implemented a Working Well Daily Heath Check-in process that will allow all UCI workforce to conduct daily check-ins prior to coming on Campus. If you have not received this already, more information found here: