Mexico Graduate Research and Education Program (MGREP)

In 2016, UC Irvine’s Schools of Engineering, Information & Computer Sciences and Physical Sciences launched the Mexico Graduate Research & Education Program (MGREP) as a dedicated UCI-Mexico science and technology platform.

Having completed the program’s successful first year of collaboration with Mexico’s academic and research institutions, we take pride in being a dedicated University of California venue focused on addressing science and technology issues of binational concern. We are committed to sustaining the socioeconomic fair advancement of the U.S.-Mexico region through teamwork and integration of mutual knowledge.

The program seeks to attract the best and most diverse talent from Mexico’s higher education and research institutions to build a strong, sustained partnership while enabling dynamic exchange of knowledge and enriching cross-cultural scientific internationalization.

By upholding academic and research partnerships consistent with its values, MGREP continues to:

  • Facilitate scientific exchange to best understand the needs of the U.S.-Mexico region for sustained technological and economic growth
  • Boost cross-border transfer of knowledge and innovation
  • Develop collaborative, tangible U.S.-Mexico faculty partnerships and research funding
  • Encourage Mexico’s graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to explore research ventures at UCI
  • Drive entrepreneurial confidence by ensuring graduates have the knowledge, skills and experience to engineer the best solutions for the complexities of our present and future regional economic progress

MGREP looks forward to engaging innovative, progressive partners and welcomes teamwork that shares our vision and level of commitment. We invite you to join us!

Contact Info

Luisa Kregel
(949) 824-4861