CBE Seminar (Zoom): Tomographic Analysis of Porous Transport Layers in PEM Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

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Felix N. Büchi

Director, Electrochemistry Laboratory
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland


Abstract: The performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and electrolyzers is strongly related to the mass transport properties of the porous materials connecting the supply channels to the catalyst layers. X-ray imaging is a powerful method to analyze transport properties of these porous structures in particular, and also for operando environments and to improve structures and operating conditions.

The talk will give an introduction to X-ray tomographic imaging and discuss developments for PEM fuel cell gas diffusion layers and PEM electrolyzer porous transport layer materials.

Bio: Felix N. Büchi has more than 20 years of experience in research in electrochemistry related to electrochemical energy conversion. Since 2002, the Fuel Cell Systems and Diagnostics Group has been part of the Electrochemistry Laboratory at PSI. The group has developed the following mission for advancing electrochemical energy conversion:

  • developing novel characterization techniques for materials, cells and devices in particular focusing on X-ray imaging techniques.
  • developing novel porous materials used in fuel cells and electrolyzers.
  • providing insight into electrochemical materials, cells and device properties and demonstration in applications, also with industrial partners.

Today the group has about 15 members including eight doctoral students and two postdocs. The vision of the group is to achieve a better understanding of the complex transport properties of species, energy and charge in different fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies.

Registration Link for non-UCI persons: https://forms.gle/S1jrPQj5nGEupNpGA