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Image Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Lorrie Aguirre Lorrie Aguirre Interim Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff Dean's Office 5216 Engineering Hall (949) 824-4838
Dennis Aldridge Dennis Aldridge Director of Facilities Dean's Office 114 Engineering & Computer Trailer (949) 824-9246
Margaret Anderson Maggie Anderson Academic Counselor Student Affairs Undergraduate 305 Rockwell Engineering Center
Angelique Andrulaitis Angelique Andrulaitis Senior Director of Development Development and External Relations 5236 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3977
Sharnnia Artis Sharnnia Artis Assistant Dean for Access and Inclusion Office of Access and Inclusion 200A Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-7134
Sally Avila Payroll and Personnel Biomedical Engineering 3135 Natural Sciences II (949) 824-9755
Ephie Bakou Ephie Bakou Senior Contract & Grant Analyst TEC Business Center 716F Engineering Tower (949) 824-4883
Mark Banderas Graduate Counselor Student Affairs Graduate 204 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-3562
Cesar Barrios Cesar Barrios Academic Counselor Student Affairs Undergraduate 314A Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-4301
Paul Bautista Computer Resource Specialist Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 3311 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-0322
Jean Bennett Director Student Affairs Graduate 204 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-6475
Regina Bolotin Regina Bolotin Purchasing & Reimbursements Manager Dean's Office 5284 Engineering Hall (949) 824-1332
Dan Braithwaite Programmer Civil and Environmental Engineering 5344 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8823
Everardo Camacho Systems Programmer Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
Sergio Carnalla Department Laboratories Manager Civil and Environmental Engineering 148B Engineering Laboratory Facility (949) 824-8694
Nancy Carter Nancy Carter Payroll & Personnel Coordinator Civil and Environmental Engineering 4136 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-1259
Bob Cassidy Robert Cassidy Principal Analytics Analyst Dean's Office 4428 Engineering Hall (949) 824-8209
Olivia Chang Program Manager, Academic Innovation, Programs Dean's Office 1086 Anteater Instruction & Research Building (AIRB)
Yi-San Chang-Yen Department Manager Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 916 Engineering Tower (949) 824-5086
Tzu-Yu Chao Program Coordinator of Academic Innovation, Programs Dean's Office AirB 1080-1082
Moses Choi Operations/Undergrad Analyst Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4200 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-5406
Tyler Cicciarelli Esports Ambassador Program Assistant Dean's Office 1080 Anteater Instruction & Research Building (AIRB)
Jennifer Collopy Purchasing & Reimbursement Coordinator Dean's Office 5400 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3571
Henry Cordova Project and Planning Specialist Dean's Office 113 Engineering & Computing Trailer (949) 824-2618
Rolando de La Torre Rolando de La Torre Senior Building Maintenance Worker Dean's Office 113 Engineering & Computer Trailer (949) 824-1113
Will Decker Manager, Program Development and External Relations Advanced Power and Energy Program ELF 131A (949) 824-7302 ext. 11130
Marjorie DeMartino Associate Director California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) Office: REC 107 (949) 824-4813 Office
Katherine Diaz Katherine Diaz Director TEC Business Center 5260 Engineering Hall (949) 824-9564
Cynthia Dieudonne Graphic Designer/Web Developer Advanced Power and Energy Program 221 Engineering Laboratory Facility #108 (949) 824-7302 ext. 11110
Ben Dolan Ben Dolan Director, Design & Engineering Research Projects RapidTech 444D Engineering Tower (949) 824-4267
Tenley Dunn Graduate Studies Coordinator Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2133 Engineering Gateway (949) 824-7984
Charmayne Durham Charmayne Durham Administrative Analyst Dean's Office 5424 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3923
(949) 824-5176
Pauline Eatherly Educational Programs Coordinator Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2209 Engineering Hall (949) 824-2645 Office
Michael Engler Semiconductor/Nanofab Lab Technician Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility
Ann Fain Assistant Director and MSO The Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology 2400 Engineering Hall (949) 824-0071
Roberto Fonseca Network Administrator Advanced Power and Energy Program ELF 219B 949-824-7302 x11126
Krista Fredrickson Krista Fredrickson Assistant Director of Academic Personnel Dean's Office 5228 Engineering Hall (949) 824-5458
Don Fruta Donald Fruta Administrative Analyst Institute for Design and Manufacturing Innovation (IDMI) 444 Engineering Tower (949) 824-4105
Angelina Gango Angelina Gango Post-Award Supervisor TEC Business Center 5252 Engineering Hall (949) 824-3997
Amanda Garcia-Hall Amanda Garcia-Hall Sr. Finance Analyst Dean's Office 5288 Engineering Hall (949) 824-6678
Julia Gelfand Applied Sciences Librarian University Libraries Office: SL 228 (949) 824-4971 Office
Elena Goto Assistant Finance Analyst Dean's Office 5200 Engineering Hall (949) 824-7847
Brittany Gray IGERT Program Coordinator Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility 949-824-8187
Lori Greene Lori Greene Assistant Dean for Engineering Research Management Dean's Office 5224 Engineering Hall (949) 824-5562
Jean Grigg Operations Manager, Sustainable Transportation/ Sustainable Energy Advanced Power and Energy Program ELF 219E 949-824-7302 x11340
Katherine Guerrero Katherine Guerrero Academic HR Analyst Materials Science and Engineering 544 Engineering Tower (949) 824-3786
Ann Guthrie Ann Guthrie Senior Contract & Grant Analyst TEC Business Center 5244 Engineering Hall (949) 824-7847
Pheather Harris Program Director California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) 107 Rockwell Engineering Center (949) 824-2363
David Hartwig David Hartwig Undergraduate Lab Manager Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 502 Engineering Tower (949) 824-6227
April Heath Interim Department Manager Civil and Environmental Engineering 4130 Engineering Gateway 949-824-0584