Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Welcome Message to MSE Admitted Students for Fall 2020

Dear students, 

Congratulations on your admission into the materials science and engineering (MSE) program at UC Irvine! We are so pleased to be able to reach out to you, as you think about your future as an Anteater Engineer.

As you know, UCI has become a highly competitive campus for freshmen admits, so you and all of your loved ones should be very proud of this significant accomplishment. 

Our bright students, outstanding faculty and dedicated staff are all looking forward to having you as a member of our amazing family. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers students the opportunity to work closely with our world-class faculty members, while providing an education that will prepare students to be our nation’s future leaders. Our students are consistently recruited by critical science and engineering industries, as well as by top-ranked graduate programs.  

Our faculty are not only committed to your education, they also manage cutting-edge research programs, which keep them at the cusp of their field. The vast majority of our undergraduate students are able to conduct research with these faculty and their groups, benefiting immensely from the experience.

In short, MSE@UCI is a vibrant, exciting and caring place to be. To learn more about us, we’ve set up a series of Zoom meetings with faculty, per the schedule provided below. I’m also happy to Zoom, email or talk directly with you. Please email me to set up a time. 

We sincerely hope you will choose to join our MSE@UCI Anteater Family - where you can make a difference!

All the best,

Julie M. Schoenung, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of California, Irvine



Time (California)

Faculty Host

Saturday, 4/25 10-11 a.m. Prof. Allon Hochbaum
  3-4 p.m. Prof. Regina Ragan
Monday, 4/27 8-9 a.m. Prof. Allon Hochbaum
  10-11 a.m. Prof. Dan Mumm
  1-2 p.m. Prof. Jim Earthman
  4-5 p.m. Prof. Jim Earthman
Tuesday, 4/28 10-11 a.m. Prof. Regina Ragan
  4-5 p.m. Prof. Jim Earthman
  8-9 p.m. Prof. Dan Mumm
Wednesday, 4/29 8-9 a.m. Prof. Allon Hochbaum
  10-11 a.m. Prof. Lorenzo Valdevit
  1-2 p.m. Prof. Allon Hochbaum
  4-5 p.m. Prof. Dan Mumm
  8-9 p.m. Prof. David Kisailus
Thursday, 4/30 8-9 a.m. Prof. Dan Mumm
  10-11 a.m. Prof. Stacy Copp
  1-2 p.m. Prof. Lorenzo Valdevit
  4-5 p.m. Prof. Diran Apelian

Please contact our MSE Academic Coordinator, Desiree Rios (, for the link to the Zoom meetings.