Administrative Operations, Travel, Purchasing, Facilities

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Irvine is committed to delivering strong and knowledgeable administrative expertise with superior customer service to faculty, staff, students, researchers, department friends, and community. As such, we are proud to provide support in various areas, to include Facilities, Operations, Travel and Purchasing, Office and Event Management at the Department level. Viviana Hernandez is the Department Analyst who oversees the following areas in MSE @ UCI:

  • Administrative and analytical support for infrastructure and process improvement
  • Department website maintenance, communications, social media
  • Oversees general administrative operations, supplies, and equipment for the business office
  • Primary coordinator of Department conferences, meetings, and events
  • Provides support in MSE facilities management, academic, administrative, and personnel
  • Travel and purchasing submission support and coordination with central offices
  • Department student assistant staff supervision

For additional information related to these topics please read below or contact Viviana at 949-824-1803 or


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